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Chocolate: Seduction's Trump Card Paris fr

“9 out of 10 people claim to love chocolate; the 10th person must be lying…”

Chocolate is one of the world’s biggest temptations. Dark, white, milk, with hazelnuts or almonds, it is difficult to resist it. Too often accused of being bad for you, chocolate can actually offer great nutritional benefits when consumed in moderation.

The health benefits of chocolate (especially dark) are numerous, and have been the subject of very serious scientific studies. Its positive effect on one’s spirits comes from the fact that chocolate triggers a “euphoric” element, endorphin –a pleasure hormone that has an “anti-depressant” effect. One must not overlook the dual effects of sugar and magnesium found in chocolate, which can give you energy especially at the end of the day.

Certain more surprising effects of chocolate have also been recognized by the scientific community. Chocolate, thanks to its antioxidants, stimulates the brain and protects it from cerebral aging.

Other virtues of chocolate: it has an anticoagulation effect, comparable to that of aspirin, and can lower tension. Moderate daily consumption of chocolate could thus be beneficial for the heart.

Bar The Westin Paris

In Paris

L’instant thé of the Bar Tuileries
Philippe Guidi, head bartender at the Bar Tuileries at the Westin Paris hotel, creates a can’t-miss sensation: “one in the other” chocolate, a mixture of tastes, textures, and temperatures that takes you through four experiences: chocolate ginger, chocolate lavender, chocolate cinnamon, and chocolate licorice.

For the most gourmet foodies, pastries are accompanied by marvelous hot or cool drinks and are best tasted with someone you love enveloped in the cozy atmosphere of the Bar Tuileries.

Bar Tuileries – The Westin Paris
3 rue de Castiglione, Paris 1st arrondissement
For reservations: +33 (0) 44 77 11 11 – official Web site

Le chocolat Bar

In Strasbourg
The Alsatian chocolate maker Stéphane Gross opens the Déclinaison Chocolat Bar, located at the foot of the Strasbourg Cathedral (rue du fossé des tailleurs in Strasbourg). This very designer space, all white and furnished in white, is a temple of chocolate. Fans of chocolate will have the choice of 19 different flavors of hot or cold chocolate, from ganaches to original tastes (fresh ginger, fresh basil, bitter dark chocolate, anise, cognac flambé…)

Pastries (éclairs, macarons, brunoises, verrines) and treats mixing chocolate and salt (macarons, nougat, soup, snacks) are also offered.
Official Web site

chocolat et epices

In Provence
Joël Durand is not a chocolate maker like any other; his chocolates are perfumed with Mediterranean scents, especially those from Provence, creating exceptional chocolates. Sugared Provencal almonds and black olives from the Valley of the Baux (AOC certified), dark chocolate and bitter strawberry tree honey, can be tasted here in a boutique where the subtle scent of cacao and the perfume of Provencal herbs mix together in perfect harmony.
Each piece of his collection, depending on each chocolate, carries a letter of the alphabet that indicates the scent of the little morsel. There, thyme, rosemary, and violet mix together, according to the season, Chung Hao jasmine, star anise, and Szechwan pepper, at the whim of tastes and words.

Joël Durand Chocolatier
3 Bd Victor Hugo – 13210 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence
Tel: +33 (0) 4 90 92 38 25
Fax: +33 (0) 4 32 60 00 68
Web site: (French only)

Bouchons en chocolat

In Champagne

The Briet Chocolaterie in Epernay
In 2009, named one of the 20 best chocolate makers in France.
Tel: +33 (0) 3 26 54 31 92

The Deléans Chocolaterie in Reims
A chocolate and confectionary shop using artisanal methods, creating Reims specialties (“champagne corks,” chocolate bars with pieces of “biscuits roses,” péché du diable chocolates).

Tel: +33 (0) 3 26 54 31 92
Web site:

Chocolaterie Bigot Amboise

In Centre – Loire Valley

Bigot Chocolaterie

The Bigot pastry and chocolate shop offers a gourmet break in Amboise. This establishment, created in 1913, has been directed by the women of the Bigot family since the death of its founder, René Bigot. Its tea salon is famous and sought-out for its “Pouchkine” and “Amboisine” chocolates, for its macarons of varied flavors… and for its cozy ambiance that seduces lovers!

Information: (French only)

Chocolaterie Edouard Hirsinger

In Franche-Comté
Awakening taste buds to the new experiences of the Edouard Hirsinger Chocolaterie. A trained artisanal chocolate maker, he doesn’t rest on his laurels – each year he invents new delicacies! Springtime chocolate based on tansy (an aromatic plant), autumn chocolate with baked apples, and a cake dedicated to the pastry and chocolate maker’s wife: Le Délice de la Baronne.

Web site: (French only)

Yver Chocolatier

In Normandy
A visit to the Chocolathèque in Granville is a visit to a veritable temple of chocolate. Let your taste buds be your guides and discover all that you have always wanted to know about the most gourmet of tastes. Founded by Jean-Luc Yver, a pastry and chocolate maker famous in Granville, the Chocolathèque reveals all the secrets of chocolate, from its origins to its fabrication in the laboratory. A tasting ends your visit and satisfies your cravings!

Web site: (French only)

Chocolaterie Dupoux

In Burgundy
On the first Wednesday of each month, Bernard Dufoux, a trained artisanal chocolate maker, organizes culinary courses dedicated exclusively to making chocolates. You can learn all the secrets of orangettes, truffles, kirsch chocolate cherries, and other treats, and you’ll eat what you yourself have made. The courses last 4 hours (from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm) and cost €80 per person.
Les Chocolats Bernard Dufoux, 32 rue Centrale, 71 800 La Clayette

Fabrice Gillotte, a trained artisanal chocolate maker and winner of the Award du Chocolat in 2009, passionate about chocolate in all its forms, is constantly reinventing colors, textures, and flavors, for an ever-growing clientele.

21 rue du Bourg, 21000 Dijon –



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