New Tax-Refund Kiosks at Aéroport Charles de Gaulle

New Tax-Refund Kiosks at Aéroport Charles de Gaulle fr


New at Charles de Gaulle Airport: nifty red self-service tax-refund machines.

Aéroports de Paris and France’s Directorate General of Customs have launched what they describe as Europe’s first self-service tax refund facility. This new service, called PABLO (roughly translated as "Program of Tax Refund Clearance by Optical Scanning"), aims to speed up tax refund procedures for travelers before their departure through a series of kiosks.

Passengers can validate their tax refund form in two easy steps (as seen here in an animated video on the French Customs website): first through a bar code optical scanning terminal located in the check-in area, and through a second in the boarding lounge to confirm their exit from French territory.

The system has been tested at CDG Terminal 2A since November 2007, and has since been extended to all terminals at the airport. There are now 35 kiosks in use.

To communicate the benefits of using the service, Aéroports de Paris has distributed brochures through its terminals in several languages and created a poster and online promotional campaign. PABLO was born out of a Customs’ initiative with the participation of Aeroports deParis and several partners: BAR (The Board of Airlines Representatives), AOC (Community of Airlines Operators), Air France-KLM, and DPAF (Direction of the Frontiers Police).

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