Phrases for the French Pharmacy

Phrases for the French Pharmacy

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French pharmacists are often your best bet when you're feeling under the weather. Based on your description of your symptoms, they're frequently able to recommend over-the-counter medicines and advice. Below is a handy glossary of common maladies and health products to help you give an accurate description of whatever ails you. The pharmacy is also a convenient place to find everyday items such as toothbrushes or deodorant. You can consult our handy table of day-to-day items, their average costs, and their French translations here.


*Please note: Phonetic pronunciation is provided in blue next to the French translations. The "listen to the article" function at the top of this page is not able to provide French pronunciation for these phrases.

Also, when pronouncing French words, it is useful to remember that the letter J is pronounced like the G in the English word "mirage." The sound of "eu" - as in "Je ne peux pas dormir" - is pronounced similarly to the E in the English word "versus" or the I in "girl."


·      I’m sick = Je suis malade  Je swee mah-lahd

·      I have a headache = J’ai mal à la tête  Jay mahl ah la tet

·      I have an earache = J’ai mal aux oreilles   Jay mahl doray

·      I have a stomachache = J’ai mal à l'estomac / J’ai mal au ventre  Jay mahl ah lesto-mahk / Jay mahl oh vahnt

·      I have a stomach ulcer = J’ai un ulcère d’estomac  Jay un uhl-sair desto-mahk

·      I have a stuffy nose = J’ai le nez pris / J’ai le nez bouché  Jay le nay pree / Jay le nay boo-shay

·      I have a runny nose = J’ai le nez qui coule  Jay le nay key cool

·      Kleenex = Mouchoirs en papier  Moo-shwar on pah-pee-eh

·      I have a sore throat = J’ai mal à la gorge  Jay mahl ah la gorge

·      I have a cough = Je tousse  Je too-ss

·      Medecine = Un médicament  Un may-deek-ah-mahn

·      Cough syrup/Cough drops = Sirop contre la toux / Pastilles contre la toux  See-rop cont la too / Past-eel cont la too

·      I have a fever = J’ai de la fièvre  Jay de la fee-ehv

·      I feel nauseous = J’ai la nausée  Jay la naw-zay

·      Allergies = Allergies  Al-air-jee

·      I have a cold = J’ai un rhume  Jay un room

·      I have the flu = J’ai la grippe  Jay la greep

·      A doctor = Un médecin  Un maid-san

·      Hospital = L’hôpital  Lope-ee-tahl

·      Sleeping pills = Des somnifères  Day som-nee-fair

·      I can't sleep = Je ne peux pas dormir   Je ne peu pah dor-meer

·      Band-aids = Des Pansements  Des pahn-suh-mahn

·      Prescription = Une ordonnance  Oon or-doh-nons

·     Aspirin = L'aspirine  Lass-peer-een

·      I keep shivering = J’ai des frissons  Jay day free-sahn

·      I have difficulty breathing = J’ai de la peine à respirer  Jay de la pen ah res-peer-ay

·      I have diarrhea = J'ai la diarrhée  Jay la dee-ah-ray

·      I have heartburn = J’ai des brûlures d’estomac  Jay day broo-lure desto-mahk

·      I have a sunburn = J’ai pris un coup de soleil  Jay pree un koo duh so-lay

·      I’m having motion sickness = Je souffre du mal des transports  Je soof doo mahl day transpore

·      I am diabetic = Je suis diabétique  Je swee dee-ah-bay-teek

·      I have a toothache = J’ai mal aux dents  Jay mahl oh don

·      Sunscreen = un crème solaire  Un krem so-lair