Saint Martin, the belle of the ball!

Saint Martin, the belle of the ball! Grand-Case fr




Comprised of more than a hundred nationalities, St. Martin's population is warm, welcoming and always ready for a good time. One very fun way to discover their island is by enjoying the distinctive and varied nightlife here.


Casinos, discotheques, shows...
All year round Saint Martin offers a thriving nightlife scene. At dusk, once the last glowing rays of sunset have melted away on the horizon, the island dons its festive wear and the beach bars, clubs and discotheques gear up for yet another unforgettable evening. An electric atmosphere pervades. The night is prolonged on the Dutch side, by the brilliant lights of the 15 or so casinos where everyone takes their chances until the early hours of the morning.

Maho, right beside Princess Juliana international airport, is a unique spot: a veritable Las Vegas of the Caribbean, where sparkles and sequins, lights and music, casinos and discotheques are a successful cocktail to accompany the evening.


No matter what time of year, the activity never lets up; St. Martin lives to the rhythm of festivities made of a hundred colors, sounds and flavors.


A sampling:


1 Destination, 2 Carnivals!

There's only one place in the world where you can benefit from two carnivals in one destination! Saint Martin gives you that experience with cultural parades, concerts, Jump up... twice the activities to double your fun! Anticipated all year long, Carnival is without doubt the most popular and spectacular party on the island. Children and adults alike prepare costumes excitedly, booths and stands are set up with delicious foods and wares… the buzz is positively palpable. This is an opportunity to enjoy a "high color" festival in the streets with music and dance.

On St. Martin’s French side, the traditional celebration begins just after Epiphany and lasts one week, to end on Ash Wednesday. The parades in Marigot are full of vivid, clever and original costumes. For “St. Martinois” (the people of St. Martin), this is a day of life and color meant to contrast the more somber Ash Wednesday.


marketTuesdays in Grand Case

Every Tuesday from January 19 to April 13, Grand Case (a former fishermen's village that has become the cuisine capital of the Antilles) features various activities around the artisanal market of St. Martin. Fishermen and local people mingle with thousands of tourists who wander until late in the evening on the Boulevard de Grand Case, the main street of the village. Many traditional dance shows along with local artist exhibitions are on display. The event is also an occasion for around 60 artists and craftsmen to exhibit their art in a creative way. A high point is the Harmony Night festival, where the discovery of crafts and local cuisine is at its peak, punctuated by jazz bands and Caribbean orchestras.



St. Martin's Day

On Nov. 11th, St. Martin celebrates the discovery of the island by Christopher Columbus in 1493. After the official celebration, festivities take place all day long.  On both sides of the island (French and Dutch), many events and activities are organized in order to share St. Martin's culture.


Christmas and its lights
Want to discover traditional Christmas in a new way? Come to St. Martin in December! Each year, from November to January, the island parties with renewed vigor for the holidays. Inhabitants decorate their homes, gardens, shops and even boats with sparkling decorations, garlands, strings of fairy lights, nativity scenes, Santa Claus and more! There is even a contest for the best-decorated house. The week before Christmas, inhabitants all convene at the Christmas Parade in Grand Case, full of a very friendly—and Caribbean—spirit.


St. Martin Billfish Tournament
Each June, the Saint Martin Billfish Tournament (previously called the "Marlin Open") celebrates the challenge of big fishing. Fishermen of all levels enter St. Martin's waters, ready to catch big fish like tuna, blue marlin, sea bream, swordfish and more. Perfect for those interested in fishing but also great for spectators!


Heineken Regatta
In March, Saint Martin welcomes the Heineken Regatta, one of the most famous Regattas in the Caribbean. The race, previously a local competition and now a worldwide event with more than 280 competitors, attracts both amateur and professional sailors to try and beat out the nautical competition.

For 3 days the surrounding seas become a veritable party zone! Boats of all shapes, sizes, and types sail around the island. You can admire fisherman boats as well beautiful sailboats, catamarans, trimarans, single-hulled vessels, yachts, schooners and more.


Alliance's Race

Created in 2004 by the Yacht Club Fort Louis, the Alliance's Race is a show not to be missed. The purpose of this event is to reinforce ties between St. Martin, St. Barts, Anguilla and the sailing community in all the islands.

Organized in November, the race allows sailors to discover a new island and its environment each day, thanks to the local yacht club. And the spectators can admire the diversity of the boats in the race...a true pleasure for the eyes!


Friar's Bay Beach

Friar's Bay is a gorgeous beach situated between Marigot and Grand Case. It boasts two beachfront restaurants with very entertaining atmospheres. Kali's Beach Bar offers Creole, French, international and vegetarian cuisine. Every month, they host a full moon party that is not to be missed; a favorite venue on the full moon. Open for lunch every day and for dinner from Thursday to Sunday.

Tel: 06 90 49 06 81/ 06 90 62 62 05



The ‘Laugh ‘Til Belly Burst’ Festival

Every August, come and experience the greatest moments of laughter in Saint Martin with comedians from the Caribbean and the United States.


Where: Mjc of Sandy-Ground (Theatre) 

Contact Details:

Glen Brooks - Laugh Till Belly Burst Association

Tel: 0690 39 76 02 / 55 46374 

Email :


Mother and Daughter Queen Pageant
In Saint Martin lives one of the most original elections ever: a mom and daughter will be elected "best mother and daughter in the Caribbean."
For this event, they all showcase the assets of their islands by presenting a local product associated with music, local dishes, local customs, etc.
Sound of Saint Martin - Captain Cuchy
Tel: 0590 87 74 84

Wednesday Nights of the Waterfront
From the first Wednesday of Jaunuary through the last Wednesday of April, Saint Martin will highlight local bands at the waterfront of Marigot. Three hours of serious fun, where locals and tourists alike can have a good time.

Oxygen Band - Pascal Adams
Tel: 0690 53 30 78 / 00599 5267608  Fax: 0590 87 06 42

Fish Day
A big day focused on fish presented in all kinds of different dishes. The place to be on the first of May is definitely at Cul de Sac, where you can experience this unique local culinary event. All day long, music will accompany your visit.
Must see and visit:

- The cockfight pit
- Fishermen stand
- Departures from the bridge to visit the natural reserve of Saint Martin

At the dawn of the day, the podium comes alive with a major concert.
Service Arts et Culture de la Collectivité
Tel: 0590 29 59 18

Arrow Root Jollification
Day of harvest and preparation of our local arrow root in the Village of Colombier. On this day, visitors can assist and show appreciation by buying products on-site.
Association Nature Valley, presided over by Madame Vernicia Brooks
Tel: 0690 77 50 67 / 0690 58 26 50
Admission is Free!

We Agree with Culture
Sain Martin's "One and Only" cultural day, when each and everyone will have the opportunity to taste and buy local products. With more than 7 acres of vegetables and fruits, the Rastafarian community will be happy to welcome you for a visit of the premises.

All day long there will be local music, local bands, and artists to make you feel at home.