Towns and heritage around and along the Loire

Towns and heritage around and along the Loire



Towns and heritageIf the Châteaux of the Loire are a testament to history, the river too has left its mark around and along a river, a period in time, towns, and traditions. From a cultural maritime heritage to a cultural urban heritage, it is a whole living region with a tale to tell.Troglodyte dwellings and traditional inland water transport

Majestic and free, the Loire has skilfully modeled the landscape of the Loire Valley as we see it today, including the flood overflows that protect the cultivated valley and the troglodyte dwellings dug out of the rock.On the banks of the Loire, mainly between Chaumont-sur-Loire and Saumur, like a well guarded secret, the tufa galleries, formerly used for the construction of châteaux, now have other uses. Quarried on the hillsides, these caves are today used as wine cellars or unique mushroom farms, or transformed into bed-and-breakfast or hotel accommodations.Another legacy of the past: the ships of the Loire whose moorings have also marked the banks of this river. Make the most of your stay along these banks by finding out more about the traditional riverboats! A common characteristic is their flat bottom, due to the numerous sand banks in the Loire. Toues, gabares, futreaux, various flat-bottomed boats; use your stay as an occasion to embark and discover, once on board, the passion of these boatmen for their river! 

Towns around and along the river
Villes du Val de Loire 

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