Quick Guide: Jewish Travel in France

Quick Guide: Jewish Travel in France


Welcome to the first web edition of France Guide for perfect for those who would want to try Jewish France travel. 

This is the first all – electronic edition since we began publishing this guide nearly forty years ago. We’ve got some exciting new and updated information for you to enjoy Jewish tours much better. And we’ve taken advantage of the latest technology and added podcasts to some of our sections so you can take us with you on your MP3 player. 
France’s charm is embodied in its magnificent cultural, historical, and natural heritage. All of these can be appreciated in all Jewish tours packages. But that alone would not be enough to make France the most visited tourist destination in the world so we have added the French people in all their diversity, the country’s culinary heritage, and art de vivre into the rich mix. Put these all together and you have la belle France. 

France’s Jewish community is the third largest in the world. Jewish history in France stretches back more than 2,000 years. Yet despite the shameful tragedies that have befallen the Jewish community, France has been and remains a center of Jewish life and shares an unshakable bond with its Jewish citizens.


Why book a Jewish France travel? 
We know that it will take only a little effort to remind you that Jewish travel in Franceis really worth taking. Why? Because the historical and cultural ties that unite France and the Jewish people go far beyond tourism. Take a tip from Benjamin of Tudela, the 12th-century Jewish traveler whose writings bring us vivid portraits of the Jewish communities of his time. Come to France and see for yourself the dynamic and vibrant world of France’s Jewish communities. Admire synagogues and monuments, enjoy the Jewish-style and kosher cuisine of Tsarfat (the Hebrew word for France), and marvel at ancient neighborhoods in cities and towns around the country. Understand why the Jewish saying heureux comme Dieu en France (as happy as God in France) is as true today as it was in the Middle Ages.

What are you waiting for? Plan your trip now! 

Toni L. Kamins, editor and contributor.