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Welcome to Gay "Paree" Paris fr

Over the past 7 years, a revolution has snuck up in the peaceful, elegant and bourgeois Parisian sky. Paris, which is the world’s most visited city, has also become one of the world’s most gay friendly cities. It was the first capital to elect an openly gay mayor in March 2001, and he was re-elected with 57% of the votes in March 2008.

The Parisian Gay Pride March in June 2008 gathered nearly 700,000 people in the streets. Paris remains the city of freedom and tolerance. The gay district is set in the historical center known as "Le Marais." It is one of the most fashionable districts, and most expensive to live in too. It’s now the place to be and stay. With a welcoming attitude to all foreign visitors, Paris now has one of the biggest gay scenes in all of Europe. It has nearly 300 gay-oriented spots for going out, hundreds of excellent restaurants and bars, and more and more opportunities to be guided and welcomed in the beautiful historic center. Whether you’ve never visited Paris, or you’ve stayed there before, you should come visit the city of lights...

Here’s some main local media and insider’s city guides to enrich your visit :

The upscale reference guide to le Marais's best hotels, restaurants, furnished rentals, bars, clubs and shops. Want to know every month what’s new in Gay Paris? Subscribe to ParisMarais Newsletter for free.

The insider guide that list all establishments in gay Paris and a very good daily agenda on what to do every night.

Historic guided tours and alternative touristic advice bureau at the LGBT center every Saturday, 6 to 8 pm.

The free gay & lesbian City Magazine. Cultural, elegant and creative. These reports contain information on Paris gay life and great places to discover each month, are 52 pages, and done with good taste and beautiful pictures. Free at every gay place in Paris. You can also easily download a PDF version of Sensitif on the website.

The first gay printed events calendar in Paris. Free twice a month at 250 gay spots in Paris, also available on the web. Clubbing, culture and much more to discover. If you're lost in Paris, look for [2X] and you’ll find your way to "gay Paree."

PARIS LGBT CENTER. New and very welcoming in the heart of le Marais next to Pompidou Center.


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