AKOYA Hotel***** & Spa

  • Outside view of the hotel

    Outside view of the hotel

    © AKOYA Hôtel & Spa

  • From the pool, a magnificent view of the ocean

    From the pool, a magnificent view of the ocean

    © AKOYA Hôtel & Spa

  • "Perle d'Akoya" - Prestige suite

    "Perle d'Akoya" - Prestige suite

    © AKOYA Hôtel & Spa

  • L'Orchidée SPA, Cinq Mondes

    L'Orchidée SPA, Cinq Mondes

    © AKOYA Hôtel & Spa

  • Restaurant « La Perle »

    Restaurant « La Perle »

    © AKOYA Hôtel & Spa

AKOYA Hotel***** & Spa 6 Impasse des Goélands 97434 La Saline-les-Bains re

Reunion Island presents a new 5-star establishment: AKOYA Hôtel***** & Spa.


This hotel, surrounded by trees, overlooks a wonderful protected lagoon, in the west of the island. Comfort and a multicultural atmosphere are provided in a paradisiacal realm.

Themed rooms

The island's treasures are reflected through 6 realms that make up the thematic decor of the 104 spacious rooms, and 4 luxury suites with private pools:

  • The “Fournaise”: an environment inspired by the majestic volcano on Reunion Island called Piton de la Fournaise (Peak of the Furnace).
  • The “Champs de Thé”: an atmosphere dedicated to Eastern culture.
  • The “Namaste”: elegant, sober decor with colours from Maharaja Country.
  • The “Tropical”: a chic, wild ambiance at one with nature.
  • The “Trou d’Eau”: a calm decor that takes inspiration from the lagoon of the same name, just outside the hotel.
  • Perle d’Akoya”: a space which gives its name to the hotel itself. An allusion to the “pearl of Akoya”, an Asian treasure known for its purity and the perfection of its shape.

High-tech services and diverse catering

Take advantage of the advanced technology in this hotel: fibre-optic, free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel, SMART TV, and a professional concierge service.

AKOYA Hôtel***** & Spa heavily promotes the protection of the environment, and thus maximises on the island’s natural energy resources through solar panels and reusing rainwater.

Two restaurants: one with high-class gastronomy, La Perle, and the other more casual, Le Dome, both run by the Michelin-star chef Marc de Passorio. For an unforgettable apéritif, try the bar Horizon which sits at the edge of an infinity pool facing out onto the ocean.

A cocoon of wellbeing

The AKOYA ***** Hotel & Spa cares deeply about the wellbeing of its guests. A luxurious cocoon of 600m2 presents a sensational journey offering you a range of treatments inspired by ancient wellness techniques of Brazilian, Eastern, Balinese, Polynesian, and Ayurvedic cultures.


AKOYA Hôtel***** & Spa
6, impasse des Goélands
97434 - La Saline-les-Bains

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