Route Touristique du Champagne, the Trip of a Lifetime!

  • Route Touristique du Champagne.

    Route Touristique du Champagne.

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  • Champagne Vranken à  Pommery

    Champagne Vranken à Pommery

    © Champagne- Vranken Pommery

  • Vignoble de Champagne

    Vignoble de Champagne

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  • Cote des Bars, village de Viviers-sur-Artaut

    Cote des Bars, village de Viviers-sur-Artaut

    © Didier-Guy

  • Viile Dommange dans la Marne

    Viile Dommange dans la Marne

    © Villedommange_ Champagne_©Michel Jolyot

Route Touristique du Champagne, the Trip of a Lifetime! 68000 Epernay fr

Just 150 kilometers east of Paris, across a lightly sloping landscape, Champagne awaits with a sparkle. The region gave its name to an exceptional subcategory of wine, the main export of Epernay and Reims. The tourist Route du Champagne criss-crosses vineyards, hillsides, and groomed forests of chestnut and beech trees. From its villages to its châteaux, cross the 400 kilometers of Champagne's Route des Vins to discover, taste, and understand what makes Champagne one of the most coveted drinks in the world. 

First Choice, First Stop: Epernay

Begin your journey in Epernay and get ready for a passionate trip... underground. You'll have the opportunity to see just a small part of the hundreds of kilometers of galleries, hollowed out of chalk reserves, housing thousands of bottles from the region's top Champagne houses like Moët et Chandon and De Castellane. 

Hautevilliers, Cradle of Champagne

Back on the tourist road, don't forget to make a stop in Hautvilliers. In this charming village surrounded by picturesque forests, the Abbaye Saint-Pierre awaits, where a certain Dom Pérignon invented the first inimitable bubbles of Champagne in the seventeenth century. 

Royal Stopover in Reims

Next stop: Reims, the symbolic capital of Champagne (both the region and the beverage!) Drink in the charm of its picturesque roads, built at the heart of the Parc Naturel Régional de la Montagne de Reims, and the small range of mountains that surround the city of Reims in a half-moon. 

Once in the city, 4 magnificent UNESCO World Heritage sites offer tours, including the Cathedral (13th century). It was here, in one of the most beautiful realizations of Gothic architecture, that French kings saw their coronations. On the Champagne side, a tour of the Maisons Pommery, Veuce Clicquot, and Ruinart caves are an absolute must! Apart from the delicious tastings, you'll be able to uncover the secrets of Champagne making. 

To the South: Third Stage in Troyes, Côte de Bar

Alongside Reims, Troyes is another capital of Champagne, full of beautiful half-timbered houses straight out of the Middle Ages. On the outskirts of the city, a charming, bucolic path awaits, letting you cross the vineyards of the Côte de Bar, the southernmost vineyards of the Champagne region. Be sure to stop in at caves with the "Point Accueil" (Welcome Point) label, where you can appreciate the hospitality of Aube wine-growers with a glass in your hand. 

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