Blending workshops at the Maison Lavau

  • © Maison Lavau

    © Maison Lavau

Blending workshops at the Maison Lavau 84150 Violes fr

The Lavau winery offers patrons an original way to discover the spark that makes southern Côtes du Rhône wines so special (i.e. the blending of several varieties). Within their laboratory, visitors can taste their special wines in test tubes, assisted by an oenologist! Come, discover and create your very own wine from Rhône Valley to take back home and share with your friends! Come experience this special two-hour wine and chocolate tasting tour for 2 to 12 people for just 30 €/person.

Route de Cairanne - 84150 Violès

Tel: +33 (0)4 90 70 98 70



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