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French Cuisine

French cuisine is known around the world for its quality and diversity. The product of an deep-rooted cultural tradition, French food is nevertheless continuously evolving, thanks to chefs who never cease to revisit old recipes and techniques to bring out new surprises.

From the north of France to Provence in the south, from Brittain in the west to Alsace in the east, with Burgundy, the southwest and Corsica mixed in between, discover the rich variety of French regions through their local gastronomy. Each region in France invites you to try its specialties over a welcoming and convivial table, eating a French meal, the French way. This way of fully enjoying a meal is so particular that it has been inscribed on the UNESCO Intagible Heritage list since 2010.

See for yourself French art-de-vivre, and enrich your stay in France by meeting producers at local markets, or by taking classes with French chefs who every day are serving up delicately balanced plates of passion for their art.

Whether you love a well-cooked meal or freshly picked produce, there is a flavor for every palate to uncover in France.