FAVOLS - Lot-et-Garonne, South West France

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FAVOLS - Lot-et-Garonne, South West France Lot et Garonne fr
Founded in 1966, Lot-et-Garonne, Southwest France


Favols was born in an orchard next to a thirteenth century castle in the South West of France. The company's motto is to carry on the ancient tradition of fruit jam making directly inspired by the culinary & gastronomic talents of the region. For 50 years, Favols has been producing traditional jams, but the company is also innovating: its “Créatives” range pairs unexpected flavors. Working with more than 40 different fruits enables Favols  to prepare unique and delicious recipes. *Apricot-Two Orange lamb “tajine” 

*To sweeten and scent your tea

*In smoothies or with sorbet

*To pair with your favorite cheese






• Violets Flowers Preserves
• Rose Petals Preserves
• Blueberry Preserves
• Strawberry-Rose Petals Preserves
• Mango-Lime-Ginger Preserves
• Apple Toffee Preserves
• Apricot-Almond-Orange Preserves
• Two Oranges Preserve