A Cheese-y Paris: Where to Buy Good Cheese in Paris

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A Cheese-y Paris: Where to Buy Good Cheese in Paris Paris fr

Paris, usually known as a classy, stylish city, also has a cheesy side—fromage, that is. France has over 300 different kinds of regional cheeses and for those who aren't able to traipse around the whole country, the capital city offers a perfect sampling.

Stopping at a shop to oogle at the dairy delights behind the display cases, sitting down in a bar to enjoy an expert's pairing, or ambling through the aisles of local markets—the ways in which you can discover the best of cheese-y Paris are as varied as the cheeses themselves.

Here is a sampling of ideas: 

Haut de Forme

For cheese lovers with a streak of curiosity, Haute de Forme offers blind tastings of four cheeses from the Savoy region, plus divulges the history of cheese, its terroir, and how it's made. If you'd like to know more about the other areas of French savoir vivre, the company also has other courses available across a range of subjects.

Design à Paris

If you're artistically-minded, you'll love the tours from Design à Paris, that focus on art and design in traditional subjects found around Paris. They offer tours that stop in the city's trendiest cheese-related design spots, such as the Milk Factory, an art gallery where culinary designers exhibit works created from milk-based products.

Pain, Vin, Fromage

Located in the Marais, this quaint cheese bar evokes the look of a mountain chalet, complete with cow bells hanging about, and a menu of fresh cheese and wine pairings.


A reputable spot, Marie Quatrehomme (the first woman to have been voted Meilleur ouvrier de France in the category for cheese) has been supplying the best restaurants with top cheeses since 1953. She offers over 200 different cheeses, including hard-to-find specialties like comté aged for 4 years or 100-day old goat cheese.


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