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  • If French standards (like Edith Piaf's La vie en rose, Claude François' Comme d'habitude, and Charles Trenet's La mer) still make people hum or burst into song worldwide, the next generation is just as promising.  Be it chanson, rap, electro, rock or world, today's French music has secured its place on international hit lists. Open your ears wide while in France, and experience the "French touch" for yourself.

  • Known mostly for its historical heritage - its chateaux, cathedrals, abbeys and more -, France is also eager to welcome contemporary art. Concrete, glass, metal…  Today's architects have a boundless imagination when it comes to building sites that add value to their regions, showing off the best of not only cities but rural communities as well.  Follow your guide!

  • Whether its exploring exhibitions on aesthetic and functional objects, admiring exceptional artworks in modern museums, sleeping in hotel rooms created by well-known designers or dining out in quirky venues surrounded by unusual artefacts, lovers of design are well served in France. Follow your guide!