Days 3 and 4 Monday is the new Sunday

Days 3 and 4 Monday is the new Sunday


Monday, the new Sunday? 

Sunday : The Quai Branly Museum as Paris' hip-and-young destination



View of Paris from balcony





Erik and Jess wake up in their Paris Perfect apartment, located in the heart of Paris. Staying in this neighborhood, so unique and typically Parisian, must feel almost unreal.



View of Paris from rooftop





They start the day with meditation, taking inthe views of Paris during their Yoga session on the rooftop of the Quai Branly Museum.



Living green wall glass





The museum is known for its interesting modern architecture, incorporating living walls and various green spaces. In the garden of the museum, Erik & Jess have lunch at the Café Branly.


During the summer afternoons, a hip and young crowd gathers to experience the Siestes Electroniques (literally Eletronic Naps) that the museum hosts.



After exploring the city and walking through it’s typical streets, Erik & Jess head back to their apartment to get ready for their Sunday dinner date.



exterior of the restaurant La Grande Cascade


La Grande Cascade, Photo © Alban Couturier




Erik & Jess get a ride to the Restaurant La Grande Cascade. Located in the heart of Paris’ biggest park, this Michelin star awarded restaurant offers them a unique French dinner experience. 


After this perfect Sunday, they go back at their Paris Perfect apartment for a good night of sleep. 




Who says Mondays are meant to be dull? Here's a Monday in the French capital…



Cool loby of the COQ hotel



Time for a change of scenery! The vibrant 13th district of Paris, the city's Chinatown, is home to the new and design C.O.Q boutique hotel, where Erik & Jess are staying for their last two days in Paris.



Hotel Molitor




This Monday really gets started when Erik & Jess hit the Pool of the Hotel Molitor, for a Swim & Lunch.  This former art deco pool, which became an underground and street artist landmark, was recently remodeled and reopened as a luxury hotel .



Erik & Jess go for a stroll around the city.  The couple heads to the “chic-issimes” Rue Saint Honoré, and Rue Cambon.




Restaurant Les Bouquinistes

© Henri Saromsky




Erik & Jess emjoy a unique gastronomic dinner at the chef Guy Savoy’s restaurant, Les Bouquinistes. It is conveniently located on the banks of the Seine, in the heart of Paris, where many booksellers sell vintage books during the day.



Room at the COQ hotel



After this day, Erik & Jess went to the C.O.Q hotel, to enjoy a quality night of sleep in their modernly designed room.