Lama Film Festival in Corsica

  • Lama Film Festival

    © Lama, the village

    Lama Film Festival

    © Lama, the village

Lama Film Festival in Corsica 20218 Lama fr

In Balagne, Haute-Corse, at the center of the circle of Calvi, Bastia, and Corte sits the medieval village of Lama, with its houses that seem to be built directly from the mountains. The village dominates the delta of Ostriconi and its amazing beach.

Each summer, three screens light up as the sun goes down and the streets turn into cinemas, complimented by the fresh scents of nearby scrublands.

The film screenings take place simultaneously each night at 9:30 PM across each of the three sites with their own themes. During the daytime, starting at 10:30 in the morning, the town hall's Salle des Fêtes, the "Casa di Lama," turns into a movie theater, welcoming the most diligent spectators. The "Chroniques Villageoises" of Lama have been taking place since 1994, now called the European Festival of Cinema and Rural Life. 

This festival is like none other - cinema for the countryside, by the countryside, and with the countryside! 


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