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  • Martinique vacation resorts island offers the best Caribbean destination vacation packages.

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    Martinique vacation resorts island offers the best Caribbean destination vacation packages.

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Martinique, a French-Caribbean island

Lauded as the best Caribbean vacation destination, Martinique or “Madinina” to the Caribbean Indians, is located in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, and is part of the Lesser Antilles, or “Windward Islands.” The Atlantic Ocean washes against its eastern shores, while its western coast is lapped by the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy a Martinique vacation all year round with its 1,080 km2 landscapes. A luxurious tropical forest covers the northern part of this luxurious yet affordable Caribbean vacation destination, perfect for outdoor activities such as canyoning, hiking, ATVing, and horseback riding.

The southern part of Martinique is the ideal destination for travelers in search of white-sand beaches, coconut palms, and warm waters... It’s a picture-perfect postcard. Water-sports enthusiasts have plenty of activities to choose from as well, such as kite surfing, diving, jet skiing, or kayaking.

Martinique, a French vacation island destination in the heart of the Caribbean, boasts of a particularly rich cultural heritage, expressed through its diverse handicrafts and its delicious cuisine, whose varied spices and unique flavors will titillate your taste buds. Being the best, yet cheap, Caribbean vacation destination, the Martinique vacation resorts island offers a wide range of lodgings to welcome all visitors: intimate or luxurious Caribbean French hotels, villas, apartments, cottages, etc. 

This exquisite Caribbean vacation destination of Martinique is also the perfect choice for business tourism, with a quality infrastructure, including a convention center, and 4-star Caribbean French hotels to guarantee a successful seminar or conference.The island's culturally diverse, talented, passionate population, with its Caribbean flair and French touch, make one of the best Caribbean resorts vacation island of Martinique a special holiday destination. 

During your stay, be sure to enjoy:

  • The island's many scents: cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg
  • The music of Martinique: zouk, biguine, mazurka... Let yourself be carried away by the rhythms of an island with a rich and diverse culture

Useful information

Main town: 


Entry formalities: 

For nationals from other countries, and for stays of three months or less in Martinique, an ordinary valid passport is sufficient.




Mild tropical

Average temperature: 


Getting there: 

By Air –

 American Airlines operates weekly to
Martinique with a non-stop flight every Saturday out of Miami. From November
27th to March 26th, American Airlines is adding a midweek flight, on Wednesdays.

 Seaborne Airlines operates 4 times a week out of San Juan, a
nonstop flight to Martinique on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday with
convenient connection from the US.

Air France
operates 3x’s a week from Miami. Connecting service through St. Lucia,
Barbados, St. Martin is also available via Air Caraibes and LIAT.

Arrival/Departure Taxes – None for air or cruise

By Sea –

3 times a week Ferry service is available between Martinique (Fort de France) and
Guadeloupe, St. Lucia, Dominica aboard sleek catamarans operated by:

Express des
(leaving from

Tel:  011 596 596
63 05 45

Jeans for
from Saint-Pierre)

Tel:  1-767 255

Additional Ferry service
is available between Martinique (le Marin) and St Lucia with Compagnie
Maritime West Indies

Tel. 011 596 596 74 93


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