APIDIS - Dijon, Burgundy

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APIDIS - Dijon, Burgundy Dijon fr
Founded in 1890 - Dijon, Burgundy


Apidis was founded by the Perronneau Family, one of the oldest beekeeping families in France (5 generations). They practice pastoral beekeeping, moving hives around different regions of France (Provence, Alpes, Brittany, Normandy ...) to follow flowering. Bees gather different flowers and can thus reap different honeys. Honeys are 100% pure and natural and are distributed by the best delis, gourmet and organic shops in 29 countries.

*To top your favorite Greek yogourt

*To sweeten your tea or herbal tea

*Ricotta Crostini with Chestnut Honey

*Milk and Honey pairing





• Acacia Honey
• Chestnut Tree Honey
• Lavender Honey
• Mountain Honey
• Creamy Honey
• Spring Flower Honey

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