GROIX ET NATURE - Groix Island, South Brittany

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GROIX ET NATURE - Groix Island, South Brittany Lorient fr
Founded in 2000 - Groix Island, South Brittany


Groix & Nature is a french canning factory, on the small island of Groix in the region of Brittany, upholding the island’s culinary know how by manufacturing its very own gourmet canned foods, without coloring or preservative. Made using locally caught fish, their recipes sublimate the authentic taste of any type of fish with highly tasty, delicious rillettes or specialties like the Lobster Oil. To be served chilled with an aperitif, a sandwich or as starter.

*Scallop rillettes maki, with leeks and Asian sauce

*Crispy feta cheese with lobster oil on a bed of minced avocado and fresh mushrooms

*Lobster rillettes club sandwich

*Potato burger with mackerel rillettes

*Scallop tartare with kiwi and lobster oil

*Lobster oil sardine crumble

*Tagliatelles with prawns and lobster oil





• Lobster Oil
• Sardine in Lobster Oil
• Rillettes: Crab, Lobster with Kari Gosse, Mackerel w/ Sichuan Pepper, Salmon, Sardine with Espellete Pepper, Scallop Breton Style, Trout Breton Style, White Germon Tuna