HENAFF - Pouldreuzic, Brittany

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HENAFF - Pouldreuzic, Brittany Pouldreuzic fr
Pork Pâté Terrine  
Founded in 1907 - Pouldreuzic, Brittany


Henaff is indisputably the leader of tinned pâtés and rillettes in France, thanks to its unique and distinctive quality policy. An independent, family-run company located in the westernmost part of Brittany, Henaff still uses the original recipe developed by Jean Henaff in 1915. All products are made only with fresh prime cuts of pork and there are no preservative or glass jar colorant. Henaff is the only French products in this category to be exported to the US. The company is currently managed by Mr Loïc Henaff the 4th generation of the Henaff Family.

*Pâté Henaff in puff pastry

*Small peppers stuffed with pork pâté

*Pâté pie, sundried tomatoes, olives and tender carrots

*On a French baguette sandwich, with gherkins





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