LOC MARIA BISCUITS - Dinan, Brittany

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LOC MARIA BISCUITS - Dinan, Brittany Dinan fr
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Founded in 1920 - Dinan, Brittany


Since its foundation, Gavottes crepes dentelles have maintained their airy crunchiness. From the crepe forgotten on the stove by Marie-Catherine Cornic to today’s counterpart, the sensation remains the same. The biscuit shatters in the mouth thanks to its famous and unique rolling method, which remains a closely guarded secret. It’s this little touch of mystery that gives their Gavottes that extra-special quality!

*Gavottes in a citrus cream with clementines

*To pair with your favorite icecream or cheesecake

*Panna cotta with Gavottes

*Autumn salad with Basil Pesto crepes





• Gavottes Crispy Crepes: Milk Chocolat, Dark Chocolat
• Wafer Bites: Caramel, Cacao
• Rolled & Fan Wafers
• Thin Cookie Caramel-Vanilla
• Filled Crepe: Boursin Cheese, Basil Pest

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