Saving Tips: Why France is not as expensive as you think

Saving Tips: Why France is not as expensive as you think

1. Tax refund 

When organizing a conference, tradeshow or congress in France, there are several VAT refund opportunities that will ultimately lower your costs. The French tax authorities allow a majority of international event organizers to recover the VAT incurred on most related expendituresThe European Directive 2006/112 CE obligates event organizers to register for VAT in the country where the event is being held.

Typical services for which VAT can be reimbursed:

- Hotels and accomodation

- Food and beverages

- Conference room rental

- Audio visual 

- Transportation

- Professional fees

A Simplified Case Study  

Accommodation 5,5% VAT

  € 10,000.00  

  € 550.00

Catering 19,6% VAT

  € 10,000.00

  € 1,960.00

Conference room rental 19.6%VAT

  € 20,000.00

  € 3,920.00

Other Expenses (Audio visual
material,…)19.6% VAT

  € 20,000.00

  € 3,920.00





Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can my organization reclaim?
Generally, your organization can reclaim all of the VAT charged on eligible expenses.

What type of expenses can I claim?
The expenses that are eligible to be reimbursed include hotel costs, conference fees, catering, audiovisual materials, etc. 

Is my organization eligible for a VAT refund?
If your organization has incurred VAT while attending or organizing an event in France, and can provide a Certificate of Taxable Status (IRS form 6166 in the USA), you are potentially eligible to claim a reimbursement.

What type of documents do I need?
Certificate and original invoices are required. Other documents may be necessary depending of the nature of the event.


2. Tax included

When receiving a quote from a hotel in France, you might think it is overprices, keep in mind that in France, all taxes are inclluded in the affixed prices. Therefore the hotel prices are including the VAT to their quoted prices, which means no additional costs (except expenditures) will be added to your final bill. 


3. Use the seasonality to lower the prices

In France,
the hotels use the yield management to adapt their prices to the demand. Therefore
hotels prices can be a lot cheaper during the low season. Let’s take a look at
the destinations below:







French Riviera (Nice & Cannes)

 From November to February

 From May to September





 Jan, Feb, July, August, November, December

 March, April, May, June, September, October 






















Host your event in France and take advantage of these VAT regulations and seasonality to lower the cost of your event! 


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