TRAD Y SEL - Batz-sur-Mer, Western France

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TRAD Y SEL - Batz-sur-Mer, Western France Batz-sur-mer fr
Salts, Fleur de Sel  
Founded in 1999 - Batz-sur-Mer, Western France


You have certainly heard of Fleur de Sel salt, a salt that forms as a thin, delicate crust on the surface of seawater as it evaporates. Fleur de Sel is often refered to as “the caviar of salts” and for good reason! Widely regarded as one of the best of all finishing salts used by chefs, French Fleur de Sel is the essential gourmet salt to have. Trad Y Sel is located in the historic heart of the Guerande salt marshes. Trad Y Sel works with independent producers - who harvest salt by hand every day during summer - and then packages it, so Fleur de Sel can come from their salt marshes to your table.

*Pair Fleur de Sel with goats’ cheese and dried tomatoes

*Melt over a T-bone or tuna steak

*To make any everyday dish exceptionel





• Guerande Table Sea Salt Fine
• Fleur of Sea Salt
• Dry Coarse Grey Sea Salt
• Dry Smoked sea salt

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