• © Grand Parc - Bordeaux Photography - Restaurants in Bordeaux

    Restaurants in Bordeaux | © Grand Parc - Bordeaux Photography

  • © Grand Parc - Bordeaux Photography - Restaurant in Bordeaux

    Restaurant in Bordeaux | © Grand Parc - Bordeaux Photography

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    Scallop Salad from Aquitaine | © Cyclonbill


    Rendez Vous at The 10 Best Restaurants in Bordeaux

    For the next visit to Bordeaux, we've got you covered. Here's our list of the top spots for great eats.


    • Café Napoleon III: a typical French brasserie

    • Terrasse St. Pierre: specialities from the southwest of France

    • L'Assiette du Vieux Saint Pierre: Gourmet cuisine from the southwest of France

    • Le Petit Commerce: Specializing in fish and seafood 

    • Chat Noir, Chat Vert: Organic cuisine

    • Le Passage St. Michel: a brasserie and an antiques market in the same place! 

    • C'Yusha where a lot of Grand Chefs worked and where the cuisine is inspired from around the world.

    • La Cheminée Royale: a place where your meat is cooked directly in the fireplace! 

    • Le Saint Georges: A brasserie where you can try a little bit of every dish all on one plate 

    • Chez Jean: a traditional restaurant where you can eat the famous "Cochon noir from Basque country" 

    This list could be endless, the best way to discover the culinary heritage of Bordeaux is to try everything!


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