The Armagnac & Floc de Gascogne vineyards

  • The Armagnac & Floc de Gascogne vineyards

    The Armagnac & Floc de Gascogne vineyards

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  • La Bastide d'Armagnac

    La Bastide d'Armagnac

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The Armagnac & Floc de Gascogne vineyards Gascony fr

Gascony, located in the southwestern part of the country, is famous for housing France's oldest brandy: Armagnac. Armagnac has been distilled from white wine here for more than seven centuries. You can also try Floc de Gascogne, a subtle blend of grape juice and Armagnac.

Out & about

  • Labastide d'Armagnac

  • Great Tourist Sites in the Midi-Pyrénées: Flaran Abbey, Condom (Armagnac museum), Baïse valley, Auch, Marciac (hosting the jazz festival)

  • Vic Fezensac (Tempo Latino festival), Flamme de l'Armagnac (events in November)

  • Ecomusée de l’Armagnac : Training center : to know the Armagnac - Museum of the still, Museum of the wine grower. Free tasting. Training of wine tasting. Open all year round.

  • Château Ravignan : In the style of the Louis XIII period, and registered as an Historical Monument, it is surrounded by a French style garden, the castle contains a very interesting collection of 500 engravings recalling Henry IV.

26th - 27th october 2013: Celebrate the spirit the spirit of Armagnac
At the start of the stills in Gascony, the medieval village of Bastide d'Armagnac reveales on the Place Royale the world of distillation, its smells, its colours, its taste... the market where you will be able to buy Armagnac brandy as well as tasting stands will allow you to appreciate this unique brandy. Cooking demonstrations of chefs help you to understand how to match wine and food. The neighbouring villages offer also festive weekends until December. Many stays combining art de vivre and gastronomy are offered by winegrowers and by B&B accommodations.

A unique experience

Accommodation in Armagnac
Stay in the heart of the "Domaine d'Ognoas," which has the oldest distillery in Gascony, and discover the secrets of Armagnac production.

« Les Prés d’Eugénie » Michel Guérard 4* : 
Le Logis de Saint Vincent 3* :
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