Canal du Midi

  • Canal des Deux Mers

    Canal des Deux Mers

    © CRT Midi-Pyrénées / Dominique VIET

  • Négra lock

    Négra lock

    © CRT Midi-Pyrénées / Dominique VIET

  • Canal du midi

    Canal du midi

    © CRT Midi-Pyrénées / Dominique VIET

Canal du Midi 11000 CARCASSONNE fr

The Canal du Midi, a connection between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic

Constructing the Canal du Midi could be seen as a crazy idea: to artificially supply water for 240km, linking the Garonne to the Mediterranean.

Whether you're a lover of nature, culture or gastronomy, come to the Canal du Midi - this varied site is perfect for you! Classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered one of the major works during the reign of Louis XIV, the Canal du Midi is a must-see attraction.

What to visit on foot and by bike

The canal runs for 240 kilometers between Marseillan, at a place called The Onglous, and opens into the Thau basin near Sète, at the Port of Mouth (Twin Bridges).

  • Take the towpath and discover the highway structures at your leisure: bridges, aqueducts, docks, troughs or wash houses.
  • Travel the roads lined with vineyards and scrubland and discover the unusual natural heritage of the Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrenees regions.

On the water ...

The easiest way to see the Canal du Midi is to go on the water.

Do you want to enjoy the timeless charms of the Canal du Midi in complete comfort? There is nothing like staying on a houseboat or renting a barge or a boat which does not require a license.

At Béziers, you will pass by the Neuf Ecluses de Fonseranes (Nine Locks of Fonseranes) and have an experience like no other. With real technical prowess, these locks are also true artistic masterpieces.

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Things to see

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    © ChateauSaintMaurice

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