Rendez-vous at Grands Causses Regional Natural Park

  • Sheep around a lavogne

    Sheep around a lavogne

    © CRTMPD

  • A Templar settlement in Larzac

    A Templar settlement in Larzac

    © CRTMPD

  • Millau Viaduct

    Millau Viaduct

    © CRTMPD

Rendez-vous at Grands Causses Regional Natural Park Boulevard de l'Ayrolle 12100 Millau fr

Grands Causses Regional Natural Park (780,000 acres) is spread across the whole West side of the Aveyron department.

Created in 1995, this natural park is composed of:

  • The Millau area and the famous Viaduct
  • The Causse du Larzac
  • The Noir Causse and the Gorges of the River Dourbie
  • The Roquefort area
  • The Tarn Valley and its gorges
  • The Causse de Severac
  • The Lévézou region, where the largest lakes in France are found.

Large areas and spectacular gorges

The majority of the park is made up of great hilly masses of rock.  These vast areas of limestone, which look like steppes (grassland plains without trees), create spectacular contrasts with rock formations sculpted by rivers: the gorges of the River Tarn, the gorges of the River Jonte, the Dourbie canyon...

UNESCO World Heritage

A centrepiece of the Grands Causses, the Larzac area has been listed since 2011 as a World Heritage site by UNESCO as a part of the Causses and Cevennes, known for their natural heritage, and its way of raising livestock, practiced there since the dawn of time.

Flocks of sheep, the slate roof sheep pens, and lavognes: water reservoirs dug into the ground for animals to drink from (see photo), all bear witness to this.

Visit ideas

Embark on one of the many excursions available just a few miles from Millau and its viaduct, a Great Site of Mini-Pyrenees.

For example: visit the Roquefort caves, canoe down the Tarn or the Dourbie, or even have a go at paragliding over Millau.

What’s more, discover the Templar and Hospitaller sites in Larzac, or even Micropolis, the City of Insects: a unique park that invites you to learn about the world of insects. Walk through the vineyards of the Cotes de Millau, or observe the vultures that have been successfully reintroduced into the gorges of the Jonte as a species. 

Things to see