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    © Atout France/Phovoir


    Rendez-vous at Hautes Combes du Jura

    Hautes Combes, skiing in the open air

    Les Hautes Combes are at the heart of the Regional National Park and consist of 8 traditional villages, more than 1000 metres in altitude and surrounded by vast spruce forest: Lajoux, les Molunes, Bellecombe, Les Moussières, La Pesse, Giron, Belleydoux and Apremont.

    The area has 4 sites labeled as "Site d’excellence" (Sites of excellence) by Nordic France: the villages of La Pesse, Les Moussières, Lajoux and Giron.

    The Hautes Combes area is perfect for Nordic skiing with more than 200km of ski runways, as well as 18 snowshoeing pathways which are not packed down. The pistes are open to all, from beginners to more advanced skiers, whether you feel like skating or skiing the more traditional way.

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