Rendez-vous at the La Rochelle Aquarium

  • The Lagoon

    The Lagoon

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  • Shark Ampitheatre

    Shark Ampitheatre

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  • Shark Ampitheatre

    Shark Ampitheatre

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  • Jellyfish


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  • Mediterranean Tank

    Mediterranean Tank

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Rendez-vous at the La Rochelle Aquarium 17000 LA ROCHELLE fr

Located in the heart of the city, facing the harbour, the La Rochelle Aquarium is one of the largest private aquariums in Europe. Meet over 12,000 types of sea creatures here!

12,000 different sea creatures in 78 tanks

At the La Rochelle Aquarium, discover 12,000 sea creatures of which 6000 are fish.

78 tanks (containing a total of 3 million litres of sea water!) make up the natural habitat for this near 600 species of marine life, spanning from tiny jellyfish to very large sharks...

View some stunning representations of life deep down in the Atlantic Ocean, Indo-Pacific Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea, without forgetting the Caribbean and its wonderful array of multicoloured fish.

Immerse yourself

From one room to another, listen to two hours of stories about the seas and oceans via audio guides for both adults and children.

Through this guide, discover the fascinating world of the bottom of the sea. Start with a very enchanting tunnel of jellyfish, which then leads to a spectacular shark tank filled with a variety of species: Grey Reef Sharks, Sand Tiger Sharks, Zebra Sharks, Nurse Sharks, and Silvertip Sharks. Learn more about these fascinating beings by visiting the aquarium’s René Coutant Amphitheatre to watch the short film “Les Requins... en Questions” (a Shark Q&A).

So many more species await: multicoloured corals and anemones, crustaceans, starfish, amphibians, seahorses, moray eels, angelfish, manta rays, napoleonfish, surgeonfish, clownfish...

At the end of your visit, make the most of a short break at the aquarium café on the 2nd floor with a great view of the bassin des Grands Yachts (Grand Yacht marina) and the La Rochelle Towers.

A health centre for turtles

The La Rochelle Aquarium has put into place a programme to save marine turtles.

Exposed to numerous dangers (plastic bags, unintentional captures, poaching, etc), they are in danger of becoming extinct.

This centre takes in turtles that get washed up on the Atlantic coast, from the Opal Coast in the North of France right down to the Spanish coastlines (four different species of turtles live in the Atlantic Ocean).

Once healed, the turtles are released back into the ocean with a tracking tag. You may be able to help out with their big departure!


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