Spa-A, more than a label, a commitment to excellence

Spa-A, more than a label, a commitment to excellence 16, rue de Liege 75009 Paris fr

«More than a label, a commitment to excellence. A guarantee of consumer safety, and a mechanism for development and advancement for professionals.»

 The spa has become a social phenomenon and claims to its title are now widespread. Although the majority of them set a high quality standard, there are others that fall short.
There has been a growing need to restore an institutional framework to the spa. Based on this observation, Spa-A, a not-for-profit association, was founded in 2001, bringing together 200 volunteer experts and decision makers from the spa and water sectors. Its managers, doctors, thera- pists, masseurs, all are spa professionals, in water puri- fication, well-being medicine, treatment protocols, tech- nology, training, hospitality, etc. Under the leadership of its dynamic Director, Aldina Duarte-Ramos and her team, Spa-A has flourished both in France and internationally.

Well-being think tank

Spa-A is more than just an association, it is a network for discussion about deve- loping the profession.
Its aim is to take male and female spa professionals to the highest level, to  provide them with the answers and solutions to offer the best possible service to an increasingly demanding clientèle.  
Two years of hard work culminated in 2010 with a highly specialised quality charter and its label.
A label which now sets the standard.

The Spa-A Quality charter label

 The Spa-A label is awarded to centres who apply for an audit of their establishment according to the principles established by the Quality Charter.
The label is a 3-year commitment at minimum, during which the spa is committed to improving quality, with an annual inspection by EXCEL PLACE experts.

 This innovative charter has been established in partnership with ExCEL PLACE, expert organisation in measuring quality, specialising in upmarket hotels.
It was drawn up on the basis of 50 criteria which are divided into 5 essential values:
• customer care
• service and treatment
• equipment and facilities
• products
• environmental conservation

These criteria apply, from the design and development of a centre, to its operation and maintenance.
They help managers self-evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in order to continually refine and personalise their concept.


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