Rendez-vous in Splashworld® Provence, near Avignon

  • Aloha Racer and the Wave Pool

    Aloha Racer and the Wave Pool


  • Bodyboarding in Da Wave

    Bodyboarding in Da Wave


  • Da Wave, the largest simulated waves in the world

    Da Wave, the largest simulated waves in the world


  • Rikiki Bay and its waves

    Rikiki Bay and its waves


  • Splasher Breaker water slide

    Splasher Breaker water slide


  • Ohana River

    Ohana River


Rendez-vous in Splashworld® Provence, near Avignon 800 Allée de Beaulieu 84170 Monteux fr

12 acres of land, 15 attractions, over 600 palm trees creating an inviting tropical atmosphere with lovely warm water at 28°C… Welcome to Splashworld® Provence Water Park!

Situated just 3 miles outside Avignon, visit Europe’s unique water rides, including the long awaited Da Wave: the largest surf simulator ever made!

Da Wave: The largest simulated waves in the world!

Its waves can reach up to 10 feet (3 metres) high. Dare to face Da Wave?

Don’t panic – the simulator can be adjusted to anyone’s level: newcomers and veterans alike. Surf and body-boarding lessons are also provided, so everyone can have a go!

To watch the pros do some scary moves on the simulator, swing by at 7pm. It’s a sight to see, especially while taking a well deserved break at the Ona Bar.

Splashworld®: Water rides for all!

The name says it all: the park Splashworld® Provence ensures you’ll have a blast in the water. Here are a handful of things to try out:

The tallest free-fall water slide in Europe

Climb to the summit of the colossal Hurricana Sliiide. This is where you’ll plummet towards earth from 108 feet (33 metres) in the air, the same height as a 14 storey building...

From this height you get a great view of the mountain Mont Ventoux. Right before you start to fall at a crazy speed of 50mph (80km/h), that is!

The Wave Pool

Ri’kiki Bay, this is Splashworld® Provence’s wave pool. You’ve got to try riding the waves, which can reach up to a metre tall, on a body board. It’s good surfing practice!

The action-packed flumes

The ride Kind’a LoOops is pitch black until you hit the sections of luminous light, making for a completely bizarre riding experience. In Splash Breaker, you’re in for a journey in complete darkness with endless twisting and turning... you’ll even start going backwards!

Family fun

Parents and children can also enjoy their stay at the Ohana River with its gentle flow and beautiful tropical scenery. It’s a stunning beach with turquoise waters, hot tubs, waterfalls and fountains...

The youngest of guests will also love the little lake at Kay-ki Cove with its playful foamy features.


Splashworld® Provence
800 Allée de Beaulieu
84170 Monteux

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