Get a Taste for French Truffles!

  • © ATOUT FRANCE/Michel Angot

    © ATOUT FRANCE/Michel Angot

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    © ATOUT FRANCE/Franck Charel

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    © ATOUT FRANCE/Françoi-Xavier Prévot

Get a Taste for French Truffles! Richerenches fr

Truffles - they add an unmistakable nutty, buttery flavor to any dish and are prized for their rarity.
Often known as Périgord truffles, they are mainly cultivated, not in the Périgord region, but in the Drôme, where the perfect mix of climate and soil lends itself to fruitful spores. It is there, every year, where France's largest truffle market takes place.

Called the "Black Diamonds of Tricastin," the truffles are so valuable that they even have their own guardian brotherhood, the Confrerie du Diamant Noir. This "black diamond" brotherhood is made up of truffle cultivators who both produce the mushrooms as well as oversee their sale and pass on their extensive knowledge.

Before the market opens in Richerenches, they agree on fair prices for the year, usually at a meeting in the town's only café. And the opening of the market is a sight to see indeed. A sleepy town street turns into a bustling fairway, with buyers and sellers milling between cars and stands.

The market is not just for merchants, it's also a place for truffle-lovers and foodies in general: The town comes alive and there are truffle hunts with dogs, tastings and educational events. It's on the autoroute du soleil (the highway of the sun) in Provence - so why not stop by? Nearby there are vineyards and orchards waiting to complement your gastronomic exploration. 

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