Visit the Amphitheatre of Nîmes, Maison Carrée & Tour Magne

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Visit the Amphitheatre of Nîmes, Maison Carrée & Tour Magne 41 rue Fresque 30000 Nîmes fr

From the terraces to the interior galleries, discover the best preserved amphitheatre in the world, displaying exceptional evidence of Roman civilization.

The Maison Carrée – the only fully preserved temple from Antiquity – has recently been restored. Inside you can watch the film the “Nemausus, the birth of Nîmes”, that presents the Imperial cult and the heroic past of Nîmes and its surroundings.

The Tour Magne stands at the highest point, and provides a breathtaking panorama of the city.

Getting there

The Roman monuments of Nîmes are about 30 minutes from the Pont du Gard, and about 45 minutes from the Roman Theatre of Orange, the Palais des Papes, or Château des Baux.

  • By road: Motorway A9 or A54, exit Nîmes, then “city centre” and “Arènes”
  • By train: TGV station 5 mins from the Amphitheatre 
  • By plane: Nîmes-Garons Airport

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