Wellbeing in France: Relaxed Getaways

Wellbeing in France: Relaxed Getaways

A range of treatment

All wellness breaks are based around water treatments. Whirlpool or multi-jet baths that give the sensation of total relaxation, a relaxing affusion shower or stimulating targeted-jet shower: the water temperature is between 34 and 37°C, techniques are varied and combining them ensures that the expected result is obtained.


A range of treatments strengthen your wellness. Among the more conventional, there are revitalising seaweed or warm mud wraps, pleasurable dry massages or a refreshing sleep under a fine rain of warm water, stretches that loosen up your muscles and body building that reshapes them, even relaxation through yoga and sophrology.


Techniques are developing and new treatments are regularly introduced to enrich your health: anti-cellulite subdermal tissue massages, reflexology for migraines or back pain,customised shiatsu massages, not forgetting modern anti-fat or antiageing aesthetic treatments for the body and the face.

Tailor-Made programmes

Every wellness center offers a large range of breaks and holidays, generally including 4 treatments per day: whether rejuvenating days, short taster breaks, 6-day programmes of classic treatments or 15-day major health programmes. Alternating stimulating hydrotherapy and relaxation, the wellness break is currently the most popular star on the programme.


Certain specific programmes are also clear hits: de-stress breaks including relaxation techniques, slimming breaks based on healthy eating, mother & baby breaks alone or with thebaby to recharge your batteries after the birth, « men’s » breaks combining sport and special masculine aesthetic treatment, to name but a few. A doctor or a counsellor is present to recommend the programme that suits each individual’s needs.


A wellness day includes 3 or 4 treatments spread over a morning or an afternoon, which leaves half a day for pleasing yourself!


Available to customers: the center’s sporting facilities (weights room, swimming pool, tennis, golf), as well as relaxation areas (marine trail, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi) and the beauty institute, by reservation. Healthy cookery classes, stress-management workshops and conferences are also organised, depending on the centers.


Far from being forgotten, accompanying non-therapy customers also have access to all the facilities in the complex. Some centers have nurseries and children’s clubs. These periods of free time are also the opportunity to discover the region: set off for a bike ride to visit French heritage, take a trip to the city, visit a museum or go on a trip that may or may not be organised by the hotel.