Le Ban des Vendanges – Avignon

August 31, 2013
Le Ban des Vendanges – Avignon Avignon fr

This grand event sets the tone for the “Bans des Vendanges” in all Cotes du Rhône villages where you can enjoy the grand procession of Confraternities in traditional costume. Afterwards, there is the traditional pressing of the grapes ceremony on Rocher des Doms and a grand Provençal banquet. In the evening, you can go and buy a glass of Côtes du Rhône and eat some of the local culinary specialties and watch musical performances in the garden, Jardin des Doms.

Information: Office de Tourisme d’Avignon
Tel: +33(0)4 32 74 32 74
Email: ban.des.vendanges@wanadoo.fr

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