Celebrate Champagne Day

  • © CRTCA Champagne (P.Winfield)

    © CRTCA Champagne (P.Winfield)

Celebrate Champagne Day

20 October 2017


Ah champagne, the drink of jubilation that shows up when warm memories are being made. The popping noise as the bottle is opened, then a crackling, fizzing sound as the wine is poured and the effervescence that whooshes into the glass-champagne is an experience for the senses. While everything else is sparkling wine, champagne is exclusive to France. And what's more, we are in that time of the year when we raise a flute to the quintessential wine of celebration- the bubbly! On October 20, join people from around the world to raise a glass of champagne, as we celebrate the 8th edition of the global Champagne Day.


With events in France that allow you to participate in exciting games that present you with bottles of champagne or even a stay in the region of Champagne, perhaps it's time for a sparkling sojourn?

Exchange photos, videos, stories, or your first champagne tasting experience by using the hashtag #ChampagneDay 

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