David Hockney exhibits at the Center Pompidou in Paris

From June 21, 2017 to October 23, 2017

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David Hockney exhibits at the Center Pompidou in Paris Voie Georges Pompidou 75004 Paris fr

From June 21 to October 23, 2017, the Center Pompidou presents the most comprehensive exhibition devoted to the work of David Hockney. In collaboration with London's Tate Britain and the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the exhibition celebrates the artist's 80th birthday.

Through over 200 works (paintings, photographs, engravings, video installations, drawings, printed works ...), including the most emblematic (swimming pools, double portraits, monumental landscape ...), the exhibition traces all David Hockney's artistic career.


From Photography to iPad

This unprecedented presentation focuses on Hockney's interest in technical tools for the production and modern reproduction of images. "Artistic creation is an act of sharing," Hockney has, in turn, adopted photographs, fax, computer, printers, and more recently the iPhone and iPad.


Techniques Discoveries

The exhibition opens with works by Hockney at the art school in his hometown of Bradford. Hockney and discover and assimilate the English translation of abstract expressionism developed by Alan Davie.
From the work of Jean Dubuffet, he retains a stylistic (that of graffiti, naive art ..) that satisfies his project of production an eloquent and universally accessible art.
At Francis Bacon, he draws the audacity of an expression that explicitly addresses the issue of homosexuality.
His discovery of Picasso's work completes the persuasion that an artist can not be limited to a given style. Exhibition of exhibitions: Demonstration of versatility.

Multiple Images

Reconsidering the vision of Cubism, which synthesizes the vision of a spectator in motion around his subject, Hockney is equipped with a Polaroid apparatus and assembles his "joiners": multiple images recomposing a figure. Thus, it composes Perblossom Highway, sum of more than a hundred photographs which are so many different points of view.
In 1997, David Hockney returned to the north of England, on the country sites of childhood son. His landscapes integrate the spatial complexity of his research reconsidering the space of the classical perspective.



Centre Pompidou
Place Goerges Pompidou
75004 Paris

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