"Fantastic Picnic" in Burgundy

From September 22, 2012 to September 23, 2012
  • Picnic in Concoeur

    Picnic in Concoeur

    © Alain Doire / Bourgogne Tourisme

  • Relais de Montmartre in Viré

    Relais de Montmartre in Viré

    © Fantastic picnic Relais de Montmartre à Viré

  • Picnic at the heart of the vineyard

    Picnic at the heart of the vineyard

    © Alain Doire / Bourgogne Tourisme

"Fantastic Picnic" in Burgundy 21006 Dijon fr

« Fantastic Picnics »! is an extremely simple idea which has taken root in Burgundy to celebrate the Fête de la Gastronomie (Festival of Gastronomy), where pleasures of the pallet are a way of life, indeed an art form.

To celebrate the autumn, Burgundy is inviting all Burgundy natives, of origin or in heart, to celebrate some unique moments full of the joys of gastronomy, with family or friends, in no fewer than 35 unusual locations: a festive outing for the taste buds, raising a glass in the heart of the vineyards, open-air cafés, 60’s style ambiance with hits from the time, a remake of the « Luncheon on the Grass » by Monet under the sign of gastronomy, diving into the heart of Colette’s universe, a stop off in a cave or a bathe in the sun, not forgetting the treasure hunts and bicycle rides…

In an atmosphere full of conviviality, Burgundy specialities are offered on site: giant wooden barbecues, prepared by major chefs and also winegrowers, produce from the farm or picnics from a basket…

Paris won't be left out…

A chic and surprising edition of « Fantastic Picnic » will be held for the very first time in the French capital on 22 September. But hush, hush! The location will only be revealed at the last minute…


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