Orlinski 1850 in Courchevel

From December 08, 2012 to April 26, 2013
  • Orlinski 1850 - Loup Blanc

    © David-Andre/Courchevel

    Orlinski 1850 - Loup Blanc

    © David-Andre/Courchevel

  • Orlinski 1850 - The Panther

    © Galeries Bartoux

    Orlinski 1850 - The Panther

    © Galeries Bartoux

Orlinski 1850 in Courchevel

In Courchevel, at the top of the ski runs, a white wolf surprises you…

Starting December 8th, in Courchevel, « Orlinski 1850 » !... an exhibition exclusively devoted to Richard Orlinski, one of the French contemporary sculptors whose fame has lead to record auctions among collectors all over the world.

From the heart of the ski resort to the top of the ski runs, « Orlinski 1850 » will rattle all the usual codes of an exhibition.

« Orlinski 1850 », ski enthusiasm and aesthetic emotion

From the 8th of December 2012 to the 26th of April 2013, the whole Courchevel and some of its mountain tops will be like inhabited by monumental sculptures surprisingly disseminated between sky and snow fields, sometimes at more than 2000 meters high.

At the top of the Vizelle (2659 m), the three meters high Loup Blanc (the WHITE WOLF) will thrill the skiers at the arrival of the ski lift, as well as the 4,50 meters high Eléphant, at the top of the Chenus (2240 m) !

In the course of their walk in the resort, the winterers will discover other sculptures by Richard Orlinski, both famous and spectacular, such as “Superman”, “The panther”, “the Eagle”, “the Kong”, made of polished aluminum, “the White kong”, “the Dragon”.

« Orlinski 1850 » is an exhibition initiated by the Galeries Bartoux, in close cooperation with the Office du Tourisme of Courchevel and the “Société des 3 vallées”.

This will be one of the major events of the season. As “L’Art, au fil des sommets”, last year which transformed the ski resort in a real open-sky museum (some of the “bubbles” were customized with the reproduction of major contemporary works.)

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