Remembering the Titanic

April 10, 2012
  • Titanic, Return to Cherbourg

    © Benoît Sanson

    Titanic, Return to Cherbourg

    © Benoît Sanson

  • Baggage Room - La Cité de la Mer

    © La Cité de la Mer / Sylvain Guichard

    Baggage Room - La Cité de la Mer

    © La Cité de la Mer / Sylvain Guichard

Remembering the Titanic 51100 Cherbourg-Octeville fr

Titanic, Return to Cherbourg

The Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg opens a new permanent exhibition area of more than 2000 m².

100 years later, the Cité de la Mer remembers the maiden voyage of the "unsinkable ship", the Titanic.

On April 10, 1912, Cherbourg's harbor was the first stop-over of the Titanic. Starting April 10, 2012, Cherbourg celebrates the centenary of the Ship of Legend. Several events are programmed in the city all year long : exhibitions, concerts, theatre, and commented visits both at sea and on land.

Cherbourg, harbor of migration

In one century (1869-1969), about 4 million people passed through Cherbourg, from Europe to America, and from America to Europe. A lot of these passengers were emigrants.
The first part of the exhibition takes place in the former baggage room of the harbor. Thanks to interactive videos, visitors can share the emotions of those emigrants and dive into the atmosphere of that time period.

Bringing the Titanic back to life

The second part of the exhibition, located under the baggage room, is dedicated to the Titanic. The visitor relives the atmosphere during the building of the ship and life on board. Three scenarios are proposed : the four-day trip, the iceberg collision and the sinking.


From April 10, 2012

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