SEPIK Arts of Papua New Guinea at the Quai Branly Museum

From October 27, 2015 to January 31, 2016
  • Quai Branly Museum

    © Paris Tourist Office/David Lefranc

    Quai Branly Museum

    © Paris Tourist Office/David Lefranc

SEPIK Arts of Papua New Guinea at the Quai Branly Museum 37 quai branly 75007 paris fr

The first exhibition of this size devoted to the arts of the people of the River Sepik, SEPIK Arts of Papua New Guinea presents the results from 35 years of research.

This exhibition brings together 230 majestic works, the majority being among the icons of Sepik art. All testify to the amazing creativity of the river bank inhabitants, and the vast diversity of developed shapes and materials used.

The Sepik is the longest river in Papua New Guinea. Since the first millennium BC, the great marshes in this area have sheltered peoples who live on the banks of the River Sepik and its tributaries. These civilisations live in a world where every object lends itself to being sculpted, engraved or pictorially represented by animal and human figures or abstract motifs.

Sculptures, hooks, pearl oyster shell necklaces, slit drums, bamboo flutes, wickerwork headdresses, coconut bowls, panels of painted bark, modelled-over skulls, whether they belong to the everyday or are used during ceremonies, are adorned with images or signs linked to nature and ancestral human or animal figures.

The exhibition mimics a typically traditional village with public spaces open to everyone and majestic homes built on alleyways accessible only to the initiated.

In an immersive scenography, the exhibition leads to the discovery of major figures of ancestors and allows visitors to apprehend the multiple forms and variations the ancestors manifest themselves under.


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