X Games Tignes 2013

From March 20, 2012 to March 22, 2013
  • X Games Tignes - Andy Parant

    X Games Tignes - Andy Parant

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  • X Games Tignes - Andy Parant

    X Games Tignes - Andy Parant

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  • X Games Tignes - Tristan Shu

    X Games Tignes - Tristan Shu

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  • X Games Tignes - Maxime Mouchet

    X Games Tignes - Maxime Mouchet

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Fourth edition of the major freestyle skiing event!

The X Games will take place over 3 days in Tignes where over 150 athletes from all over the world will compete in 8 disciplines: Superpipe and Slopestyle skiing and snowboarding in separate men's and women's events. The X Games Tignes are a unique version of the Winter X Games held in the US.

Freestyle disciplines make the big time

Men and women's Slopestyle and Superpipe skiing and snowboarding categories are officially approved for the Winter Olympics. This year, the X Games Tignes will be a dress rehearsal for the Winter Olympics a year later in Sochi!


The SuperPipe takes centre stage at the Winter X Games. The simple image of this oversized lit-up Pipe is enough to make Freestyle fans dream. Its king-sized dimensions allow riders to get maximum speed and amplitude. Athletes are also judged on the execution and the difficulty of their tricks, on their landings and their overall use of the SuperPipe.
Frank Wells, the famous shaper from the American company SPT (Snow Park Technology), and the French shaper Benjamin Ravanel need 44 000m3 of snow to turn Tignes’ Half Pipe into this 220-metre long, 19-metre wide and 7-metre high XXL Superpipe!


The Slopestyle is a run punctuated with a wide variety of jumps including tables, hips, rails and huge jumps. The X Games Tignes’s Slopestyle is over 600 metres long with 190 metres of vertical drop.
It is judged on criteria that take into account the amplitude and execution of tricks, the difficulty of the lines, the landings and the use of the whole slope.
To create Tignes’ Slopestyle, its shapers use the equivalent in snow of a road linking Paris to Rouen! It takes 115 000m3 of snow to build the SlopeStyle. This is the equivalent of 16 football pitches all covered with a metre of snow.

In 2012, for the 3rd consecutive year Tignes hosted the best freestylers in the world. Over the three years, the Winter X Games in Tignes has earned its place as a highlight of the European winter sporting calendar, with more than 103 000 spectators last year.

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