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Family-friendly France

France is the world's most visited tourist destination, and with reason: Paris is a great cultural and romantic capital, while the rest of France boasts dazzling scenery, oodles of history and activities that range from skiing in the Alps to sunning yourself on the Riviera. And while some would consider France to be a very grown-up destination, in fact there are so many activities, sports and sights that appeal to children that they may well exhaust themselves within a few days. 

Where should go for a family vacation in France? The sights and lights of Paris will delight your children: the Eiffel Tower, the pastry shops and croissants, family-friendly parks and gardens. But France offers so many other great destinations for kids: luxury chateaus in Burgundy with swimming pools and miles of bike trails, the castles and rustic towns of the Loire Valley (with wineries too), the warmth and beauty of Provence, and the sunny beaches of Nice.

France is a wonderland with kids and offers a wide range of family-friendly hotels and resorts. Choose from kid-friendly luxury hotels in the heart of Paris, family-owned villas in the country, houses in quiet rural towns, and ski chateaus in the French Alps. Cut down on the must-see list and take your time: France is like a good meal, best savoured slowly, and a thoroughly enjoyable and enriching experience for the whole family.