Feel Bordeaux: At the Gates of the Vineyard

Only one hour from Paris by plane, and three hours by train (TGV), Bordeaux, in New Aquitaine, is the capital of southwestern France. It is distinguished by its exceptional 18th century architecture that has earned it the title of “Little Paris” around 200 years ago, and more recently its World Heritage status by UNESCO. Its recent urban developments are in a city where life is good, and where gastronomy, culture, shopping and services are held, near the famous vineyards of the world’s finest wines. Many discovery tours and gourmet strolls are offered in order to taste the local produce, and particularly the prestigious wines. Did you know that every two years, the Bordeaux Wine Festival takes place in the last week of June? It was the first tourism event for wines in France, and it is a very unique program which boasts many simultaneous festivals.

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