Rendez-vous at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris

  • Musée du Luxembourg

    © OTCP/Daniel Thierry

    Musée du Luxembourg

    © OTCP/Daniel Thierry

  • Palais du Luxembourg

    © Sénat/Cécilia Lerouge

    Palais du Luxembourg

    © Sénat/Cécilia Lerouge

Rendez-vous at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris 75006 Paris fr

At the heart of the Jardin du Luxembourg, in the 6th arrondissement in Paris, the Musée du Luxembourg is one of the most significant places of temporary exhibitions in the capital.

The Musée du Luxembourg: a place full of history

Access the Jardin du Luxembourg via the rue de Vaugirard entrance and you’ll see from here the Musée du Luxembourg. Not only was it the first French museum to open to the public (1750) but also the first museum of contemporary art (1818).

The museum you see today was built by the Senate in 1884, however it was initially opened in 1750 in the Palais du Luxembourg, its neighbour. Built in 1615 under the leadership of Marie de Médicis, wife of Henri IV, the Palais du Luxembourg is the headquarters of the Senate, which also ensures the development of the palace, museum, and garden.

In 2012, the Musée du Luxembourg was revamped, notably its interior with a series of furniture made from recycled paper tubes. A sleek design that perfectly showcases the master paintings temporarily exhibited here.

Exhibitions honouring the biggest masterpieces in painting

At the Musée du Luxembourg, you’ll find no permanent collections, but instead, amazing large temporary exhibitions. According to the programme, you will admire paintings by Raphaël, Le Titien, Vlaminck, Chagall, etc.

After visiting, take a walk around the beautifully flowering Jardin du Luxembourg, one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris.

Here, the “jardins à la française” and “jardins à l’anglaise” (French formal gardens and English gardens) stand alongside an old orangery, an orchard of fruit trees as well as greenhouses which hold the orchid collection of the Senate, only on display during the Journées du Patrimoine (European heritage days).


Musée du Luxembourg
19, rue de Vaugirard
75006 Paris

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