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France for the Jewish Traveler

It was two million years ago when Jewish travel in France happened, just right after the Romans ruled the place that is now called Paris. There are a few evidences that support Jewish settlements in Poitiers, Avignon, and Metz. But stronger proof was discovered during the 5thgroups in Narbonne, Valence, Brittany, Clermont-Ferrand, Agde, and Orleans. 
Since then, France became an important part of the Jewish life and scholarship, nurtured, in some way, by enforced segregation. France and its Jewish group have given the world great people in the field of literature, arts, and politics. Among the most popular names are Sarah Bernhardt, Jacques Derrida, Leon Blum, Marcel Proust, Camille Pisarro, Darius Millhaud, and more.