Welcome To Our Celebration Of French Cuisine

France and gastronomy aren't really separate subjects: France is its food. From the bistros of Paris, to the macaron patisseries of Nancy, to the everpresent boulangeries on just about any street in the whole country, France treasures its cuisine.


But, you can find France and her food the world over. Café Provence in Prairie Village, Kansas, has been merging quality Midwestern ingredients with traditional French techniques for over 15 years. Benoit New York has created a modern Parisian bistro in the heart of Manhattan, serving innovative fare from head chef Laëtitia Rouabah. Both are participants in this year's Good France, among 3000 other chefs on five continents, celebrating French cuisine around the world.

The gastronomic world in France is changing as well, with several institutions earning Michelin stars. Lille's culinary landscape is among the most interesting in France right now, and we've rounded up our pick of the best restaurants to prove it.


Come along and sample the best of la gastronomie françaisebon appétit!

Good France March 21


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