2013 Food & Wine News

  • Fouquets Barriere

    Fouquets Barriere

    © Fouquets Barriere

  • Trolley des Lumieres

    Trolley des Lumieres

    © Trolley des Lumieres

2013 Food & Wine News

La Petite Maison de Nicole Opens at Hotel Fouquet's Barrière
Opened: January 23, 2013
The luxury Parisian hotels unveils its newest restaurant, bringing the flavors and decor of Provence to the north. More information

Alain Ducasse's Chocolate Factory
Opening: February 2013

Press Release
The famous chef has a new venture: a chocolate factory called "Manufacture" located near the Bastille, where chocolate will be made completely by hand from start to finish.

Dining in a Trolley
Lyon (Rhone-Alps)
The other City of Light, Lyon, has launched a new concept for dining: in a moving trolley. The Trolley des Lumieres serves diners local cuisine while moving through the vibrant city on wheels.

Chateau La Dominique by Jean Nouvel
Saint-Emilion (Aquitaine)
The wine chateau will unveil a new contemporary welcome area and wine storehouse designed by the great Jean Nouvel, boasting a rooftop terrace with tasting rooms offering panoramic views of the vineyards.

Taste, Visit & Work in the Vineyards
Bordeaux (Aquitaine)
Special packages are offered to welcome visitors to participate in the grape harvest of Bordeaux's famous wine. For those who just want to visit the famous wine chateaux and taste the grapes, you can reserve visits ahead of time via the Bordeaux Tourism Office, and download an app to locate the closest vineyards to you at all times.

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