Amusement parks in France

Amusement parks in France

the life of an astronaut at Space City in Toulouse, the world of Walt Disney at
Disneyland Paris or the future at Futuroscope, tour the whole country in a day
at France Miniature or dream of the past at the Puy du Fou Park… here
would like to give you an idea of the biggest theme parks in France.





north of Poitiers, the Futuroscope theme park is all about multimedia, cinema,
audio-visual and robotic technology of the future.

In July 2011, Futuroscope welcomed its
40 millionth visitor since it opened in 1987- proof of its continuing success,
with regular new attractions being created all the time. More than 20 years ago
the architect Denis Laming conjured up all of the Futuroscope pavilions and the
adjoining ‘technopolis', creating the contours of the amazing “city of the
future” intended by the founders of the site.

Two of the most well-known structures
are the Futuroscope Pavilion, a sphere mounted on an upright prism, and the
Kinemax, which has been the new symbol for Futuroscope since 2003. The park
offers lots of impressive 3D screenings in its gigantic cinemas: you can wander
through 900m² of interactive vaulted area and explore the most famous works of
the painter Vincent Van Gogh, immerse yourself in the world of Arthur and the
Minimoys (from the Luc Besson film) and marvel at prehistoric ocean beds, and
much more.

Created in 2008, the “The Future is
Wild” attraction uses cutting-edge technology to create a possible scenario for
how species evolved from 5, 100 or even 200 million years ago. A number of the
3D animations also have sensory, sound and olfactory effects: the new “The
Little Prince” 4D immersive animation includes ground vibration, rain, clouds,
smoke, jets of air, the sensation of falling and coloured soap bubbles… all of
which intensify sensation to give the impression of being in a dream.

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The Astérix Park


village that is home to the indomitable Gauls, inspired by the famous comic
book, opens its doors to you in Plailly, in the Oise, thirty or so km from

Asterix and Obelix are there for you to have a great
time. Dancing, shows, stunts and surprises, and visitors can also hear
Caconofix sing. There are five different worlds in the park to explore: Gaul
and the famous Gaul village, plus the Roman Empire, Greece, Vikings and Travel
through time. Lots of different scenarios for you to experience: visitors can
assume the identity of a Roman spy to infiltrate the camp of the indomitable
Gauls (watch out – intensive training!), weather a storm on board a swing boat
or embark a on a Viking Drakkar long ship. Actors, stuntmen, acrobats, animal
trainers, artisans, magicians and more are all there to surprise the visitor at
every turn. The Astérix Park is packed with breath-taking attractions: Tonnerre
de Zeus, the biggest wooden roller coaster in Europe, the spectacular Goudurix
serpentine rollercoaster, the Trace du Hourra, a vertiginous 900m descent, and
the Menhir Express (which floats) and more.

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Space City


If you
want to explore the famous 53m-high Ariane 5 rocket or set off in the Soyuz
spacecraft, go to Space City in Toulouse. Authenticity guaranteed: visitors can
go on board the MIR Space Station, an exact replica of the famous Russian space
station used for ground testing.

Voyage into space with the many
attractions such as the Imax, a giant screen as high as a six-storey building
that screen films made in space, enter the depths of the latest generation
planetarium, with a 360° vaulted screen, or the Stellarium, a fascinating
astronomical simulator. There are a number of attractions for children, with
their own Children's Base. And everyone will enjoy the thrills of the
Gyro-Extreme, a training seat for astronauts, plus the Moon Runner, a simulator
that lets you try a weightless moon walk!

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Disneyland Paris


the biggest theme park in France: Disneyland Paris, thirty km or so to the east
of the capital. The enchanted kingdom offers a wide choice of sensational
attractions, breath-taking parades and a fairytale backdrop.

The theme park is made up of five magic
lands: Main Street USA, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and
Discoveryland, where visitors might bump into Mickey, Minnie, Donald or one of
their friends at any time. For people who love film, the Walt Disney Studios
Park, a theme park totally dedicated to lovers of film, lets you enter the
glamorous world of cinema and television. A chance to see 3D attractions,
fathom the mysteries of Disney cartoons and watch fabulous shows.

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is located in the Auvergne Volcanoes Park in the heart of the Chaîne des Puys
region about 15km from the centre of Clermont-Ferrand.

Symbolic of its powerful mineral
architecture, the Vulcania cone rises up in the centre of the Park like a
volcano – as if the last to appear in the Chaîne des Puys. Most of the park is
hidden underground. A place for both learning and leisure, Vulcania gives
everyone a better understanding of how volcanoes and our planet work. The major
success of Vulcania is that people can experience science for themselves
through sense and feeling, whilst remaining true to its aim to teach. Children
and adults alike can enjoy the thrilling attractions: Magma Explorer  -
move like magma to the molten core of the volcano and watch the lava as it
surges and rises; the “Angry Earth” - experience the force of the elements
as they are unleashed in a room fitted with moving platforms and feel the
vibrations of the earth; Earth Machine - an amazing journey amongst authentic
lava flows to explore the origins and mysteries of The Earth; the “Unveiled
Planet”  - a compelling virtual journey showing you all the landscapes of
earth from space - especially volcanic regions… and lots of other attractions.
The 57-hectare site has panoramic views and discovery trails allowing visitors
to get the most from this unique environment. Vulcania also offers the chance
to explore a magnificent region: the Auvergne, its amazing landscape, with an
exceptionally rich natural and architectural heritage, all in the heart of

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Puy du Fou


Puy du Fou is not just famous for its sound and light shows, especially the
famous Cinéscénie and its 1,200 actors on a 23-hectare stage, but a number one
theme park destination too.

It is located in the hedged farmland of
the Vendée region, near Les Herbiers and Cholet and an hour from Nantes and
Angers. The park puts on lots and lots of amazing shows in the heart of a
hundred year-old forest: roaring battles, with Vikings attacking an ancient
village with thatched roofs, magnificent raptor flight displays in the Dance of
the Phantom Birds, swashbuckling shows with the Richelieu Musketeers … Animals
are everywhere, to the delight of children and adults alike. The park also lets
you step through the gates of time and wander through an authentic medieval
city, a magnificent eighteenth-century village and a Belle Epoque town from
1900. At night, a fantastic symphony of water and fire – so romantic – lights
up the old Puy du Fou lake. New for 2012: the Imaginary World of La Fontaine,
an interactive experience in the extraordinary La Fontaine Gardens – very 17th century, the Grand Siècle. Surrounded
by animals from the celebrated Fables and talking trees, the statues suddenly come
to life and there is one surprise after another as visitors pass by.

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La mer de sable


In the
heart of the Ermenonville Forest in the Oise, La mer de sable (The Sea of Sand)
and the amazing natural setting take visitors on a conquest of three worlds of
adventure: the Gates of the Desert, the Time of the Pioneers and the Conquest
of the American West and the Jungle.

This is the ideal theme park for an
outing with the whole family. With 26 attractions of all kinds and vividly
real  adventures: fantastic horseback riding and burlesque shows,
horse-riding stunts and aerobatics, acrobatics, shows and adventures. Visitors
can set out to conquer The West and cross untamed rivers. In addition to the
acrobatic prowess of the park performers, visitors will love the backdrop –
worthy of any great western. Ranch, saloon, sand on the ground, cactus and, as
you approach the village, the Cheyenne River rapids - a gigantic canyon, plus
other unforgettable attractions. The Sea of Sand also has Jungle and Safari
worlds and suspended bridges to delight visitors.

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people who love to watch the aquatic ballet of dolphins. Marineland in Antibes,
on the edge of the Mediterranean on the Côte d'Azur, founded as far back
as1970, quickly became the number one place to go – a pioneering marine park.

It is home to killer whales, sharks and
sea lions. This is the place where Luc Besson filmed a number of scenes for his
film The Big Blue, released in 1988. At Marineland,
children and adults alike can get close to the marine mammals. The programme
includes lots of killer whale, dolphin, sea lion and bird (raptors and parrots)
displays, magnificent aquaria (tropical fish, sea horses, marine turtles,
etc.) and a veritable zoo of marine creatures: sea lions, seals, Steller's sea
lions, pelicans, pink flamingos, penguins, rays and polar bears... The shark
tunnel offers a unique opportunity to get close to these ferocious beasts – 30m
long, it crosses a giant aquarium filled with around 2 million litres of water.
The marine park is actually part of a bigger complex that also includes: the
Aqua-Splash water park; the Little Far West Farm, an animal park (farm animals)
with lots of games for children; Adventure Golf and three “Jules Verne” crazy
golf courses.

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France Miniature


“Tell me a story about France…”. 10
minutes from Versailles or 20 minutes from Paris-Porte d'Auteuil, France
Miniature takes you around France in giant steps.

The whole country has been transferred onto a map covering 5 hectares of
land, where the public can explore 116 replicas of the most beautiful monuments
in France and 150 model landscapes that are 1/30th actual size. This is the biggest
miniature theme park in Europe. Marvel at the most beautiful sites of France in
a single day: the most beautiful monuments of Paris all in one place, Versaillesthe castles of the Loire,
the volcanoes of the Auvergne, Conques Abbey and the Arles Amphitheatre, gothic
and Roman architecture, Normandy pastures and the Mont Saint Michel and so on.

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