Day 5 Tuesday, June 28th -Cultural Immersion, Above and Below...

Day 5 Tuesday, June 28th -Cultural Immersion, Above and Below...


From the sunny garden of the Petit Palais, to the vibrant Montorgueil neighborhood, to the haunting Catacombs…


picture of the hotel room


After Erik & Jess enjoy a good breakfast at the C.O.Q Hotel, they head to the center of Paris.

Erik & Jess discover Tara Jarmon, an elegant and modern French boutique, and Jess chats with their friendly team. She even gets a peek at the new collection!


picture of the petit palais

© Patick Giraud



They then head to Petit Palais Museum for a guided visit of the incredible art collection housed in this building.

There is nothing "petit" (small) about the Petit Palais. It was built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, in an 18th century French Style.

In the heart of the Petit Palais, a beautiful quiet garden provides tranquility to its guests. This is where Erik & Jess stop for a lunch break, at the Café Le Jardin du Petit Palais.




Erik and Jess walk around the city. Meanwhile, at the other side of Paris, in the 14th district, a member of the service WaitForMe startup is waiting in line at the Catacombs of Paris.

After their walk, Erik & Jess meet him at the Catacombs (without waiting in the infamously long line!), and enter this very unusual place. 

This underground tunnel network was originally used as an ossuary in the late 18th century, because the cemeteries where overflowing, causing several sinkholes in the city. 


After this spooky experience, it's time for a complete change of pace.

Erik & Jess walk around the streets of Paris, and head to Montmartre.

They enjoy the best views of this romantic city while having an excellent diner at the rooftop restaurant of the Terass Hotel.  


picture of the c.o.q hotel lobby


Back at their hotel after this long and eventful day, Erik & Jess enjoy the comfort of their room at the C.O.Q. Hotel.